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About the Speaker's Bureau

World Women in Neuroscience aims to a create a global Neuroscience community, dedicated to advancing women in neuroscience in as many capacities as possible. Our objective includes facilitating opportunities for connections and collaboration by holding seminars, webinars, conferences and other events where speakers present and share knowledge about various topics in the field of neuroscience. The value of these events increases exponentially when there is a panel of high-quality experts as presenters or speakers participating. We therefore wish to create a platform to enable connections between event organizers and ideal speakers across the globe. If you are an expert in any of the various fields and topics related to neuroscience, we invite you to join our Speaker's Bureau.

How it Works

Should you decide to join our bureau, your information will be uploaded to a vast collection of speakers from around the world. This bureau can be viewed by anyone seeking out a speaker, and your contact details will be available for them to reach out, should they desire to do so. This is an opportunity to share your expertise, promote your research, and expand your presentation skills.

To be part of this community, please complete the registration process. Note that after completing the registration form, you will be asked to upload your CV in the uploads page. Your application is then sent to WWN for review and vetting (expertise, career stage, publication record). Once approved you will be listed on the Speakers page. You may be contacted at any time and requested to present at events based on what you list as your topic of interest, so ensure you describe your area of expertise clearly and comprehensively.

Contact Us

For more information, questions or comments please contact us at